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WATCH: Snowmobilers Rescue Moose Trapped In Snow


Tree wells created by snowfall can be deadly to all walks of life.

Tree wells form when snow piles up around a tree. The snow doesn’t fill around the trunk due to the overhanging branches, and can create a deadly trap for humans and wildlife.

The video below shows a group of snowmobilers coming across a moose trapped in a monster tree well in Newfoundland, Canada.

[embedded content]

The group actually saw the moose fall before they started recording. Hard to believe that a tree well could be so large that a moose can become completely submerged by it.

Good on them for acting quickly and rescuing this moose from certain death!

Mark Weir“While riding in the Taylor’s Brook Road area of western Newfoundland, we noticed a group of three moose traveling across the edge of a pond. A couple of us stopped to watch them from a distance and saw that one appeared to fall out of sight. Once the other two had traveled on, we approached the area to see what had happened and found that it had fallen into a tree well. Knowing that the animal would surely perish if nothing was done, we decided to do our best to give it a fighting chance and try to dig it out.”

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