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WATCH: Falling In The No Fall Zone On A First Decent


Nikolai Schirmer has been consistently putting out what I would consider to be some of the best ski videos on YouTube. We’ve already talked about several of his videos on this website, but as long as he continues to upload great content, we’re going to continue to share it.

His most recent video doesn’t really differ from his past videos in terms of the format. They’re movie-quality short documentaries about different outings he’s embarked on. This video, though, is a bit more blood pumping than the others. It shows, quite well, that even some of the best skiers in the world can get quite nervous in plenty of situations, which I appreciate.

If you frequent YouTube and want quick access to some really high quality videos, make sure you subscribe to Schirmer, and if you have 15 minutes, watch the entirety of this video. I promise that every second is worth your time.

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Video & Image Credit: Nikolai Schirmer via YouTube

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