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The Interactive ‘Shark Attack Survival Guide’ Is Incredible


The Shark Attack Survival Guide by Floridapanhandle.com is absolutely incredible. There’s no other way to put it.

Like most Americans, I have a commercialized fascination related to sharks. I loved watching shark week at a kid, and I’ve continued my interest by sharing shark encounter videos right here on Unofficial Networks.

The good folks over at Floridapanhandle.com have tried multiple times to reach me by email, but I’m a young millennial (borderline Gen-Zer), what do you expect? I’m downright terrible at managing my Gmail account.

Anyways, I finally checked out The Shark Attack Survival Guide, and I was instantly blown away. Floridapanhandle.com has done a remarkable job at packaging detailed stats about shark attacks over the last 20 years.

My favorite feature is an interactive map that shows you the most recent attacks and filters them by fatality.

It’s fascinating to learn about each incident.

I’m going to stop rambling how much I love this thing. I’ll just let you mess around with it from here. Make sure to cut out an hour of your time…

Check out The Shark Attack Survival Guide here.

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