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Heavy Ice Causes Driving Range Net To Collapse (Video)


The city of Fargo, North Dakota was under a winter storm warning when a few golfers decided to visit a local driving range.

The golfers, unfazed by the storm thanks to the heated bay and roof, were shocked once the driving range’s netting began to collapse in front of them.

The driving range has since stated that the netting is designed to break free when under excess weight. It appears as if the heavy icing in the area was enough to reach that threshold.

Check out the video shared by The Weather Channel below:

[embedded content]

Let this video serve as reminder that winter is the Midwest can be absolutely miserable. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s windy, and it’s utterly flat.

The extreme conditions of the Midwest could be worth it if there were more legitimate mountains throughout the region, but nope.

It’s just mostly flat. ????

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