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Henrik Harlaut Expresses The Philosophy Behind His Style


“I know myself pretty well these days. I’m following a lot what I want and my visions rather than what I think other people want from me. I represent the type of skiing I’m into, very execution based and maybe not necessarily the most technical.” –Henrik Harlaut

Love to see a different side of Swedish freestyle renegade Henrik Harlaut, one where he expresses the philosophies behind his unmistakable style and his desire to uplift those around him while sharing in their energy. Tag along with Henni and his crew as he jets from his home in Andorra after taking home a medal in Beijing and heads up to Scandinavia to session locations like Kimbo Session at Åre, Kiruna, Riksgränsen, and Copenhagen.  Hard to express how much I enjoy this dude’s approach to skiing and his general vibe. Inclusion, individuality, progression, WU!
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