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WATCH: Short Edit From Brighton’s Bone Zone


The Bone Zone at Brighton Resort, UT is a hike-to terrain park that’s one of the best preseason traditions in the entire country. Every fall, skiers and riders gather to create a makeshift park using their own features and hardwork.

The video below is a quick edit from the guys over at VEXED, the same group that just won the Snowvana Amateur Film Competition for their film ‘Flate Rate’.  You can click here to give that a watch. I highly recommend it.

Check out VEXED’s best jibs and butters from a session out at The Bone Zone below. Looks like a fun time.

[embedded content]

So uh… I don’t want to narc on anybody, but the Bone Zone is definitely a party scene, right?

I noticed that Brighton always avoids posting clips to their social pages of people drinking and partaking, but I’m assuming that’s gotta be going down.

If it is, I’m sure The Bone Zone is even more fun that it looks on film.

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