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WATCH: Hound Dog | With Stefanie Mössler & Biene


Loved this short film by LINE Skis about Seffi Mössler and powder hound Biene. It was the perfect start to my morning.

Skiing + Dogs = Happiness

Steffi was working from home last winter, so she spent a lot of time with her roommate’s dog Biene. One day Steffi took Biene with her on an after-work ski tour, where it turned out Biene is a true powder hound. Her endless energy and passion for speed make her the perfect pacemaker and touring partner in the woods around Innsbruck.

Celebrating the joys of touring snowy mountains and shredding deep pow through the eyes of a dog, Biene takes you on a secret day trip in her backyard with chin-high powder and dreamy views.”

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