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Rare Footage Emerges Of Wolverine Hunting (Watch)


Officials estimate that less than 300 wolverines roam the Lower 48, so seeing one in the wild is truly a rare experience.

The video below shows a wolverine running, swimming, and jumping as it hunts a deer near Ajax Peak in Montana. The animal’s athleticism is on full-display.

Just a fair warning to anybody who gets motion sickness- the video is very shaky. It seems as if the cameraman was recording this encounter from a distance using a zoom lens. With that said, the picture quality is fantastic.

It’s one of the best wolverine encounters we’ve ever seen.

[embedded content]

Whitney Beckley: “Rare footage of wolverine seen attempting a kill over 4th of July weekend 2017 near Ajax Mountain in Montana. Less than 250 of these roam in the lower 48.”

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