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White Pass Ski Area Plans Future Improvements


“We had a lot of changes this past year and a half — in a way, it’s been a generational change. The changes are substantial, but the ski area you’ve known and loved the past 70 years or so will more or less stay the same.”- Kevin McCarthy, Former General Manager of White Pass.

Last year, Yakima-based investors Andrew Sundquist, David Severn, Dan Plath, Adam Dolsen, and Patrick Smith created a partnership to acquire White Pass Ski Area in Washington. Since then, they have begun to focus on capital improvements for the Indy Pass partner. The Yakima Herald-Republic documented a weekly Rotary Club lunch program, which featured a discussion about their future plans.

This offseason, they expanded their beginner area with a new magic carpet surface lift, sculpted out new runs over at their nordic center,  and added a new ski patrol building. Currently, White Pass is working with the SE Group on a master development plan. They will be looking at the maximum number of skiers the facilities and parking can accommodate, along with where a new chairlift might go.” Lodge expansions and growing their parking lots could also be considered, but they would need to be approved by the U.S. Forest Service.

The potential additions of offseason activities, such as ziplining and mountain biking, were also discussed at the rotary club meeting by guests, but the new owners want to see their current summer operations be financially viable before adding more activities.

Image Credits: White Pass Ski Area

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