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Smugglers’ Notch Tests Snowmaking As Temps Dip (Video)


The northeast is impatiently waiting for colder temps and snow as our friends to the west are enjoying a bountiful storm cycle.

It feels like winter might never get here, but trust me friends, out time will come!

I was particularly happy to see that my favorite ski resort on the planet, Smugglers’ Notch, VT, recently fired up their snow guns for the first time this season as temps dipped below freezing.

It’s a quick clip, but seeing white frozen stuff accumulate (no matter its source) is a sight for sore eyes.

Check it out:

Snowmaking is a sign of hope for all of us on the east. Let’s hope it gets cold and stays cold! We want to ski.

Stay tuned here at Unofficial Networks for all news relating to the Winter ’22-’23 skiing/snowboarding season. We’ve got you covered!

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