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2,000lbs Boulder Smashes Colorado Home, Insurance Won’t Pay


The Camacho family’s world was literally rocked when a 2,000 pound boulder came smashing through their home last week. The family lives near a mountainside in New Castle, CO.

Jazime Camacho told Fox 31 about the incident:

“It hit our retaining wall then came down to our yard — there’s a huge divot in our yard — and then came into our window then hit our couch, caught some air, flew and went through a wall, hit our entertainment center and then that’s how it went to my mom’s direction,”

Jazime’s mother Maria’s left foot was shattered by the boulder. She has a long road of recovery and medical bills ahead.

What’s even more concerning is that the Camacho’s home insurance company is denying them coverage.

The insurance company is claiming that the boulder falling down the mountainside is considered an “earth movement”, something not included in the Camacho’s policy.

A family friend has set up a GoFundMe to raise funds for the Camacho’s home repairs and medical bills. You can donate to it by clicking here or the embedded button below.

The Camachos want their misfortune to serve as a learning opportunity for others. Jazime told Fox 31:

“The odds of this, God knows what it is, but just the one thing I would say to people is check your home policies,” Camacho said, “because you know you think that you’ll be covered in case of an emergency like this, then they lay it on you that you’re 100% financially responsibly and it’s just a big shock.”

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