Val Thorens Unveils What’s New for Next Winter


The highest resort in France is due to open for winter on November 19th. PlanetSKI will be there as the first lifts turn. Here we look at what’s new in the resort for coming season. NEW

First some facts.

There are 150kms of runs in the Val Thorens area with plenty more, 450kms to be precise, across the rest of Les3Vallees.

It is the highest resort in the Alps at 2,300m.

It has 25,543 tourist beds

Breakdown of visitors:

  • FRENCH – 27%
  • ENGLISH – 23%
  • DUTCH – 13%
  •  BELGIAN – 8%

The resort is celebrating its 50th birthday this year and is the newest of all the large French ski resorts.

Val Thorens – photo © C Ducruet Val Thorens Tourism Office

Val Thorens is one of the most followed ski resorts on social media.

  • Followers on Facebook – 538,745
  • Followers on Instagram – 178,000
  • Views on You Tube – 4,049,572
  • Followers on Tiktok – 99,200

Over 50 years  the ski area has evolved mostly with faster and more efficient lifts.

Big projects, such as the Cime Caron cable car, have highlighted the human and technical skills of the pioneers.

Thanks to their mountain experience, they managed to develop this natural playground wisely, all the while respecting it.

The resort claims on average six meters of snow per winter and 80% of the ski area lies above 2,300m.

It is entirely ski-in/ski-out, has multiple slopes crossing through the village and the longest winter season in the Alps, at almost six months.

There are of course multiple non-ski activities to discover, but Val Thorens was essentially created for one reason and one reason only: to offer the some of best skiing in the Alps.

La Grande Derniere, Val Thorens. Image © PlanetSKI

Val Thorens. Image © PlanetSKI

We have the full details of what’s happening for next season provided by the resort’s tourist office:

The Ski Area

Val Thorens is not only the highest ski resort in Les 3 Vallées, Savoie and France but also in Europe.

The ski area reaches 3,200m, and in between you will find slopes for all types of skiers: experts looking for some off-piste action, beginners on fun slopes or families wanting big adventures

The resort is the only one in France that can claim a six-month season without breaks.

It’s the first to open its ski area in November and the last to close in mid-May.

The resort uses Snow Sat technology which allows the piste bashers to groom the slopes intelligently and sensibly.

This reduces the fuel consumption by 8% and artificial snow production by 15%.

The resort also uses a cartography system that monitors the snow depths, helping the grooming teams to know where to intervene.

On top of this, every ski patroller has a GPS beacon in his vest, allowing the mountain operations team to send the closest patroller to an incident.

It also has the first surveillance drone used in a European ski resort in Val Tho.

Main Events of the Season



Val Thorens’ season starts and finishes with two important events: “La Grande Première” and “La Grande Dernière”.

La Grande Première starts off the ski season — you’ll be among the first people on the slopes.

PRICE: Pack starting from €140 per person full occupancy, including 2 nights accommodation + 2-day lift pass

La Grande Dernière and the first taste of summer. Expect sun, snow, entertainment and a waterslide for the most courageous. And a ski race with friends to finish off the season in the best way.

PlanetSKI was at the event at the end of last season:

La Grande Derniere. Image © PlanetSKI

La Grande Derniere. Image © PlanetSKI



Taking you into Orelle, the Lory is a superb blue slope inviting all skiers to admire the views.

The slope is accessible to everyone, young and old, and starts at the top of Funitel de Thorens.

It was named after the “col Pierre Lory”, a passage between the Bouchet and Chavière glaciers. So, you’ll be right in the heart of a glacial valley.


This run is strategically placed in between the small Lou valley and the Combe de Caron, overlooking the entire valley.

On your right is the imposing Péclet massif, on your left the Belleville valley and in front of you, none other than Mont Blanc.

With a 1,000m vertical drop on this red slope, it’s a perfect place for carving.

A top tip: hit this slope in the morning because it basks in the early sunlight and benefits from perfect grooming.


On La Christine you get the impression that you’re in a small valley away from the crowds.

It’s large with varied typography throughout the 700m descent.

Take a moment when cruising to observe the West Face of the magnificent Péclet glacier.


The slope is named after one of the biggest personalities in French ski history (and that of Val Thorens): Jean Béranger.

He played a big part in the founding of the resort, created the local ESF and was director and president of the Tourism Office.

You can find the slope by taking Funitel de Péclet and keeping to the right on arrival.

From there on you have a glorious descent with a plunging view of Val Thorens village, while the Péclet glacier dwarfs over you.

Don’t forget to take breaks to enjoy the magnificent view on your descent.


While warming up your leg muscles, take the time to admire the view from the top of Cime Caron with a 360-degree panorama of hundreds of Alpine peaks.

Then take La Combe de Thorens.

It’s steep at first, before you pass a narrow section which opens out into a wide playground.

It requires endurance and a good level of technical skill, but since it faces north, you can be sure to find great snow.

You finish by joining the last part of the Col de l’Audzin red run.


The Goitschel sisters — Marielle and Christine — wrote French ski history.

Both of them won multiple medals in the Olympics and World Championships in the sixties, and both have received Legion of Honour awards – France’s highest order of merit.

Both sisters also helped build Val Thorens in the seventies.

The Goitschel slope reflects the brilliant career they had: you need to commit and have good technique to tackle this steep black run. If you dare, the ultimate reward is at stake — the best view of the mountains that circle around Val Thorens.

La Grande Derniere, Val Thorens. Image © PlanetSKI

La Grande Derniere, Val Thorens. Image © PlanetSKI


The Cime Caron is a mythical summit because of its grandeur and legendary beauty.

Attracting many skiers and non-skiers every season, it is definitely an obligatory stop during your stay in Val Thorens.

NEW – A new link from Orelle: for the first time, the top of Cime Caron (3,200m) is directly accessible from Orelle and la Maurienne, thanks to two new cable cars: “Orelle” and “Orelle-Caron”.

Cime Caron is a mythical name that means a lot for people in the ski world. A summit at 3,200m, it has one of the most beautiful 360-degree views of hundreds of Alpine peaks, spanning the French, Italian and Swiss Alps, and one of the highest points in Les 3 Vallées (only a few meters lower than Pointe du Bouchet at 3,230m).

When the cable car was constructed by SETAM, the Val Thorens’ lift company, and POMA in 1982, it was one of the biggest cable cars in the world and showed unrivalled technical prowess.

The lift, which dominates the Belleville valley as well as part of the Maurienne valley, allows both skiers and non-skiers to enjoy a high-altitude experience, and provides access to the Orelle ski area and some of the most beautiful off-piste in the 3 Vallées.

But best of all, it allows you to admire one of the most beautiful panoramas in France with a view of the Mont Blanc massif, the Vanoise National Park, Haute-Maurienne, Ecrins National Park and even the Belledonne massif. Hundreds of summits can be spotted.

Last winter the “3 Vallées Express” gondola was replaced by the new “Orelle” gondola, and another new lift, “TC Orelle-Caron”, has been built to transport passengers to the top of Cime Caron.

This allows a direct link between Orelle and Val Thorens on skis or on foot.

The new connection, made possible thanks to the support and investment by Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, allows visitors to reach Val Thorens via the Maurienne valley without skis.

The connection from Orelle takes less than 45 minutes and you can take your luggage with you.


The fun zones in Val Thorens are the ideal place to ski together as a family.

This season they have been redesigned to allow children and beginners to progress their skills in a fun way.

Because of its height and closeness to the stars Val Thorens has always been linked with a moon theme, but now beginner skiers can go into space, discovering the cosmos and moon.

This winter you can find Valthy, the Val Thorens mascot, and his friends (Abby the bee, Chamy the chamois and Foxy the fox) on two new slopes and fun zones: the new space slope and the “Expérience spatiale”.

Your space adventure will continue throughout the resort, with family games on the slopes and in the village.


This long fun slope will enchant young and old with its space theme and the presence of Valthy.

The goal is to complete Valthy’s mission — to cross space as fast as possible while conquering challenges along the way.

These include slaloming under arches and between the mascots, passing through a snowy tunnel, making music and tackling some moguls.

Once they’ve completed their challenge, children will want only one thing: another go in space.

This beginner snow park is designed for families and beginners with a host of fun experiences.

The goal once again involves Valthy and his friends on a space adventure.

Skiers will enter the slope and start with Abby on a series of rolling jumps, which will make them fly like a bee.

Once in the air — and in space — it’s time to slalom between meteorites, stars and planets with Chamy.

Lastly, it’s time to land back on earth where Foxy will be there to help with some jumps, ski/space travellers can learn how to land properly.


Once all these space adventures are over, astronauts can reward themselves with a well-deserved break in the new chilled picnic zone with lounge chairs, bean bags and tables to eat or sit down for a minute.

And of course, there’s a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains.


Val Thorens, France. Image © PlanetSKI

Val Thorens, France. Image © PlanetSKI


Last season, Val Thorens hosted two stages of the French Cup Ski Mountaineering, for the first time.

That was just an appetizer because this season the best French climbers will meet again in Europe’s highest ski resort, this time for a stage of the World Cup Ski Mountaineering.

What is ski mountaineering?

It’s based on ski touring and resembles cross-country skiing where alpine techniques are necessary: crampons, skins and carrying your skis…

It’s a relatively young discipline and still evolving.

It has just been designated as an Olympic discipline and will feature at the Milan-Cortina d’Ampezzo Winter Olympics in 2026.

  • HIGH TEST 26-27 NOV

Decathlon and its experts set up camp in Val Thorens for a weekend of ride, exchange, good tips and sharing.

Try out their range of new skis and snowboards while enjoying live entertain- ment and the great atmosphere.

Warm up your legs, Decathlon is waiting for you.

PRICE: Pack costs from €147 per person full occupancy, including two nights and a two-day lift pass.


The famous Alain Prost ice circuit in Val Thorens will once again host the Andros E-Trophy.

It is an unmissable event for the best ice drivers with cars that are fully electric.

Every year the event gathers amateurs and professionals in this extraordinary discipline that requires speed, control, self-confi- dence and talent – lots of talent.

The spectators will have an amazing day watching the racing while also enjoying live enter- tainment in the spectators’ zone.


The Ski Cross World Cup is one of the resort’s sporting highlights and the double stages will again be an exciting competition.

Every year about 30 female and 60 male athletes face each other on the slope named after local champion, Jean-Fred Chapuis.

Throughout the three day event Val Thorens will vibrate with the sound of the champions’ skis, be it for the qualification rounds or the finals.

So, let’s meet at the start of December on the Ski Cross slope to experience some spectacular descents.


Start your year with some good intentions! Burn off some of the holiday calories on a snow trail that will take you over different Dynafit

-sponsored pedestrian tracks at night, to allow you to discover Val Thorens in a different way.

The race is 10km with 500m height gain at an average altitude of 2,400m.


The Freeride Junior World Tour makes a stop in Val Thorens this winter.

During this weekend the best talent and future French Freeride champions will face each other in runs that combine speed, acrobatics and a lot of emotion.

Hosting such an event allows Val Thorens to confirm its freeride credentials.

It is impossible not to find your perfect freeride spot in Val Thorens given its fresh snow, steep hills and fabulous descents that will remain in your memory.


Sun, snow and warmer temperatures — April is one of the best months to enjoy skiing.

Les 3 Vallées Association knows this, which is why they organise their flagship event, the 3 Vallées Enduro in the spring.

The challenge is one of a kind, with competitions across the world’s biggest ski area.

The concept is simple: you form a team of three people and depart from Val Thorens on skis, snowboard or telemark skis, with the aim of trying to complete the most challenges as possible out of the 11 that are spread all over the whole 3 Vallées ski area.

Get set to boardercross, freeride, avalanche victim search, giant freestyle, big air bag, slalom, and jumps.

Val Thorens, France. Image © PlanetSKI

Val Thorens, France. Image © PlanetSKI


Val Thorens is getting a facelift this winter.

From December you’ll find the new “Le Board” which is home to a sports and wellness centre, events space and bus station in the heart of the resort.

It will welcome sports fans, families, professionals, party animals, gym enthusiasts and swimmers. It’s a new hotspot in the centre of Val Thorens, a place to take care of your body and mind.

The gastronomic offer in Val Thorens has also undergone a makeover, with La Maison and La Face Ouest restaurants, both on Place Caron, being refitted.

The 3 Vallées, Fahrenheit 7, Fitz Roy and Altapura hotels have all undergone renovations in time for the anniversary winter season.

Inside you will find:

▶ 13,795m² dedicated to sports, games, waterplay, public events and also business


▶ More than 1,000m² of aquatic space with three pools, water games and a splash pad.

There is also a wellness zone with tea room, sauna, hammam, hot tub, ice wall, cold water plunge pool, sensory showers, baths, a rest room and treatment rooms.

▶ A 1,385m² multipurpose “arena” that can host sports events, musical shows, cultural events or professional activities.

It is also convertible into courts for volleyball, table tennis, and badminton etc.

▶ A fitness area with a room for classes and stretching.

It includes treadmills, rowing machines, bikes, elliptical bikes and much more.

Put in your headphones and warm up your muscles for a challenge which — as a bonus — comes with a great view.

▶ A fun park with trampolines and an adventure course with slides.

This is the ideal spot for stormy days, or to stay in shape, jump around and have fun with your children.

▶ A space is dedicated to seminars and business events, with an auditorium seating 446 people and 12 break-out rooms.

There’s also a lounge space and a terrace with sweeping views of the mountains.

▶ The new bus station will be integrated in the building and have a waiting room, baggage area and welcome point.

It will allow a more fluid arrival of holidaymakers, helping them find their way to their accommodation easily.

The bag drop will also be useful for people arriving early or leaving late.


La Grande Derniere, Val Thorens. Image © PlanetSKI

La Grande Derniere, Val Thorens. Image © PlanetSKI

The Fitz Roy has added 14 new rooms and suites this winter.

After last year’s renovations, it brings the total to 72 rooms, ranging from 25m2 to 75m2.

The new suites feature a private hot tub for even more comfort.

The hotel is ideally located on Place Caron in the centre of the ski resort

The famous brasserie from the Aveyron department has been refitted in time for its tenth anniversary.

The kitchens have been redesigned to streamline the service and allow the creation of a new menu.

The result is an authentic French brasserie style with new designs that will be reflected in the plates thanks to the talents of award-winning chef Cyril Attrazic.


The restaurant is named after the legendary face, Face Ouest, on the Aiguilles de Péclet — the freeride spot for locals.

You can see it from the terrace.

Their new big Italian oven — visible to clients — sets the tone for the menu.

You can pair your meal with wines sourced from all over the world, thanks to their exceptional wine cellar and advice from the sommelier.

A warm atmosphere is guaranteed with wood, stone and velvet elements.

The interior decoration comes from all over the region so while you wait for your meal, you can take a look at their cabinet of curiosities.


The Fahrenheit 7 hotel is updating the property this winter thanks to the renovation and redecoration of 45 rooms — about half of their current offering.

They have also started a new collaboration with Rituals, the wellness cosmetic brand, with their products used in the spa as well as in guest rooms.

Despite the new look, the hotel still embraces its sporty and festive DNA.

All winter long the hotel has a great programme of après-ski and live music which guarantee the hotel is the place to be.


This mountain boutique hotel has been renovating its rooms one-by-one over the past three years with the goal of offering optimal comfort to its guests, without losing its cocooning atmosphere and mountain vibe.

They’ve achieved this by using old wood and thick carpets.

Some of the rooms have been made bigger by integrating the balcony as a veranda.

Evidence of such is found in the new duplex suites which are now 45m2 with a views overlooking the mountains.

They are the ideal setting for a relaxing stay in a cosy setting.

Continue the chilled vibes in the bath tub, hammam shower or sauna (depending on the type of room).

And the cherry on top is the restaurant, which has a new menu and the entire outside of the building has been renovated.


The Altapura turned ten and starts a new chapter this season.

The hotel first opened in December 2011 and has now been renovated by the new owners, EODEN, in collaboration with Beyond Places.

The five-star hotel already drew a lot of inspiration out of the high mountains of Val Thorens, but now goes even further back to the root of the ski resorts, with the 70s style of Charlotte Perriand.


Kick start your evening at Zinc with a good cocktail, a fondue or some sharing platters.

Later in the evening the bar is transformed into a dancefloor with entertainment every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

Think live acoustic per- formances, DJ sets and performers.


From brunch until aperitif time, Belleville Diner serves up sugary or savoury snacks in a friendly atmosphere.

Step in from the cold: this is a cosy spot with books to snuggle up with and board games for groups and couples.

It’s the ideal place for some quality time with friends or family, accompanied by delicious snacks.


You can choose between tables on the outdoor terrace — popular for the views of the sunset — or inside, where the interiors are chic and the atmosphere warm.

Whether it’s just a glass of wine or tasty tapas, Coq’s central location makes it the perfect place for a gastronomic evening date.


The bar in the hotel Val Thorens, 1971 is where you’re immersed into seventies style with a subtle mix of materials and vintage colours.

Expect a large choice of cocktails, small plates with Spanish influences and regular DJ sets.

Get your dancing shoes on: the festive après-ski can get quite lively in the late afternoon.


LOKO Comedy Club opened in 2019in Lille and welcomes comedians from all over the world (Canada, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Lebanon, Belgium…) for stand-up with vibes you’d find in New York City.

This year the comedy club brings up five comedians to Val Thorens.


After a big ski day, local youngsters who want to refuel naturally find themselves in Crewzer.

The big draw?

A large choice of beers, homemade burgers and a friendly rock ’n roll vibe.


The local workers often get together in Perchoir, a bar in hotel Le Portillo.

You’ll find an amazing view of the ski area, a warm vibe with enveloping sofas and Julien, the barman, who can prepare you a cocktail from a menu of more than 20 types of gin.

Complement your cocktail with the delicious cheese and charcuterie boards.


This is the spot where all riders go for a drink, with a tattoo parlour on the first floor and live music every night in winter.

It has quickly become the hotspot for locals thanks to its lounge-y vibe at the start of the evening and crazy parties later on.

Arrive right at après-ski hour and share some small plates to get you through the night.

The menu features Aveyron specialties and mixed platters.

Hungry party people will be delighted.

Val Thorens, France

Val Thorens, France. Image © PlanetSKI


You can also find calm and quietness in the world’s largestski area thanks to the number of hotels with spas.

Many of which allow non-guests to use all the facilities when you book a treatment , and slow activities that help you relax and return home with more energy.


Everyone will enjoy the new 1,000m² aqua fun zone at Le Board, the resort’s new sports centre.

While the little ones are sploshing aroundin the splash pad and enjoying the water games, parents can enjoy a relaxing moment to themselves in the wellness area.

There are different zones to choose from including saunas, hammam and hot tubs.

Too hot?

Cool off under the ice water fall or in the cold-water plunge pool before retreating to the tea room.

There are also ten treatment rooms where you can enjoy a tonic or wellness massage.

The whole wellness area features beauty products by Eona and EvadéSens.


Val Thorens. Image © Val Thorens Tourist Office

Val Thorens. Image © Val Thorens Tourist Office

If you want to disconnect from it all and clear your head, grab your skis.

Raise your heart rate by tackling one of five ski touring tracks — far away from the slopes and other skiers. Choose your path — facing either the majestic Aiguilles de Péclet or Cime Caron — before setting off uphill (aided by “skins” that attach to the bottom of the skis) to discover a whole new side to Val Thorens’ ski area.

There are tracks from 2-6km so you can discover the discipline without pressure , while slowly improving.


Get those skins out again and set off early in the morning, before the slopes open, heading up to Chalet Le Caribou, which is dwarfed by the Aiguilles de Péclet.

After a big mountain breakfast, you’ll be the first on the slopes.

Stop on the way down for a chilled moment where you’ll feel all alone.


Strap on snow shoes and grab some poles: it’s time to get away and discover the walking paths all over the ski area.

Take your time to admire the summits while listening to your footsteps crackling on the snow, all the while accompanied by a guide from Prosneige.


Surrender yourself to Caroline and her calming approach to Qi Gong.

This bright fifty something has decided to use her experience and skills to create a new mountain inspiration, with a relaxing bubble as a result: Energie du Bien-Être.

Discover her massages during your stay in Val Thorens, or try Qi Gong during a private or collective class.

This discipline is based on traditional Chinese medicine and will give you a calm and energizing break.

‘Qi’ means breath and energy whereas ‘Gong’ means work, so Qi Gong signifies breath work.

This is a soft yet firming activity which switches between stretching, releasing of joints, body waves, different movements and postures, walking, auto-massage, breathing exercises, intention setting, visualization and meditation.


Make the most of the day and ski tour up to watch the sunset.

The introduction to the activity is done before lifts close, at about 16h30, before you then hike up for about 90mins.

Once at the top, breathe and enjoy the silence while watching the sun set.

You can then ski down just as night starts to fall.

Open to skiers and snowboarders with a minimum Level 3, groups from two to six people.


There will be a new avalanche secure and marked ski touring zone in the Borgne sector this winter.

You reach the zone from the “Plein Sud” sector, but don’t expect any lifts.

The zone comprises one ascent slope, groomed and prepared, and two slopes to descend, one of which is unpisted.


For a true wild adventure, you should head to Lac du Lou.

Fresh air is guaranteed in this beautiful spot in the biggest ski area in the world.

The lake, which is frozen in winter, is close to the National Park La Vanoise, in a quiet valley between Cime Caron and Pointe de la Masse.

Divers can plunge into the icy waters, while hikers can enjoy the stunning views, wide open spaces and nature.


Located next to the lake, the Refuge du Lac du Lou welcomes hikers and skiers with its warm and cosy atmosphere.

Whether it’s for the night, a meal after a freeride session or just a drink, you’re in for a charming experience.

Meals, mostly traditional Savoyard dishes, are served using only local quality products.

Those booked for the night can expect a combination of an authentic mountain refuge with modern touches in the four dorm rooms, that sleep from four to eight people.

Snuggle up for a fun evening around the fire after a great day in the powder snow or under the lake’s ice.

As the night falls, sip on your hot chocolate, relax and listen… You don’t hear a thing? Welcome to life in the middle of nowhere.

PRICE: From €70 per night


Intrigued by the idea of an ice dive?

Escape under the ice of lac du Lou during a freediving session, with only air bubbles and lights as your companion.

After a safety briefing, you’ll suit up and prepare to jump in.

You’ll be captivated by the silence as you drift about in the icy abyss.

Evolution 2 is one of the only organisations to offer this activity in France.

No prior experience is required.

Feeling even more adventurous?

This year you can dive at night.

PRICE: From €150 per person

You have to earn your time at Lac du Lou.

You can’t get there by car or taking a ski lift.

That’s part of its charm — getting to the lake is all part of the adventure.

You can choose between snow shoes, ski touring or free riding.

Uu don’t have to be a skier to enjoy you time in Val Thorens. From our ziplines, to dog sledding and bowling, there is a huge range of activities



The Lac Blanc cinema in the centre of the town has two screenings a day at 18h and 21h.

There is a special 14h30 screening on bad weather days.


The bowling alley in Val Thorens is a great meeting place at the end of the day, with a friendly and warm vibe.

It is located on Place de l’Arche and open every day from 14h until 2h.

It is built in a typical mountain chalet style with eight lanes as well as, pool tables, arcade games — including a Ultimate 3D F1 and rally simulator — and lots of big screens showing sports.

The bowling lanes have automatic barriers, so children can play by themselves from the age of 4-5.

PRICE: One game of bowling €10 per person (shoes €2), Snooker table €14 per hour,

Pool table €20 per hour


Go for a work-out on one of the new machines in the cardio area or lift weights in the gym before heading to the wellness/ spa area.

There is also a room for classes, including muscle strengthening, step classes sand dance classes…

All winter long lots of courses will be on offer, for all abilities and ages. Book your place at the registration desk of the gym area.

This sports centre will allow you to try out new sports in the big arena that can host up to 3,000 people for events.

Built using wood and felt, it is flexible and adaptable for a huge range of sports and events.

All winter long there will training sessions and initiation sessions for different sports, including volleyball, basketball, handball, ping-pong and badminton to name but a few.


The sports centre will boast a new fun park designed especially for children.

If they haven’t already on the slopes, they’ll tire themselves out, in the three different zones with various activities.

The first one comprises six large trampolines where they can try out their somersaults and acrobatic tricks.

In the second one you’ll find a real ninja warrior course in the games room with a ball pool, slides, rolls, bridges, platforms and pyramids to play on.

The last zone is perfect for little ones (from 1-3 years old and 3-5 years old), with educational games.

There is also a karting track.

Parents fear not: there is a waiting area with sofas and coffee.



The staff at La Patinoire welcome young and old in Place Péclet to discover the joy of skating on the 400m2 ice ring made entirely from natural ice.

There’s also music and a light show at night.

Worn out?

The rink also has a cosy spot to enjoy pancakes and hot chocolate with family or friends.

PRACTICAL INFO: Open season-long from 15h to 21h, subject to the weather.

In the French school holidays hours extended to also include a morning session from 10h-12h.

PRICE: €8, including skates (€7 for children under 16 years old)


Val Thorens and Orelle are not only linked by ski lifts, but also by the highest zipline in France.

Starting from Pointe du Bouchet, the highest point of Les 3 Vallées at 3,200m, the flight is sure to give you an adrenaline rush.

It takes 1min45, travelling 1,300m at a speed of up to 100km/h.

While the first line is only open to skiers, everyone can get their zip fix on second line, La Bee.

It’s a double zipline that flies over the slopes and ends in the centre of the resort.

It’s 1,800m long and you’ll descend 200m height.

But will you or your neighbour reach the bottom first?

PRICE : – 55€ Tyrolienne Le Bouchet

– 35€ Tyrolienne La BEE


It’s the longest toboggan run in France.

Covering 6km and taking more than an hour to descend, fun is guaranteed.

The famous slope is designed to offer an immersive experience for children with its space theme.

Plunging them into an out-of-this-world environment, they are encouraged to find a new planet along the track, with plenty of fun surprises and scientific facts along the way.

It is open to children over the age of five as long as a they share a sled with an adult.

PRICE: €17,30 per person


Discover what it takes to be a snow groomer by accompanying Michel, Gilles or Nicolas as they start their nightshift preparing the slopes for the next day.

They will show you all the controls of the million-euro machines before stopping for a snack at a refuge, where you can discuss life in the mountains and the particularities of living in this cold climate.

PRICE: From €35 for children, €55 per adult, registration at the Tourist Office

DURATION: approximately 2 hours


These special bikes are made for snow, with large tyres for better stability and traction.

The new range come with electrical assistance meaning you don’t need to slave away up the hills — anyone can do it.

From €65 per person, accompanied by an ESF instructor From Monday to Friday 15h-17h or 17h-19h

Fat bike and fondue evening: a 4h trip with a guide for a sporty and tasty experience at nightfall.

PRICE: €100 per person, Thursday night 17h30-21h30


Take off on a paramotoring flight from the airfield behind La Moutière for a flight above the ski area.

You’ll discover Val Thorens from above with Timothy Green, a pilot, who ushers you into his world.

PRICE: €120 per flight


Hungry for an adrenaline-filled race?

Head to the Alain Prost ice driving circuit for car or karting lessons, which are available to anyone over the age of seven.


Get set to tackle the ice and discover a whole new way of climbing.

Every winter the ice wall takes shape as soon as the water starts freezing.

Armed with ice picks, climbers who scramble up the block of ice are rewarded with an incredible view at the top.

PRICE: €100 per person, including equipment and tuition. From Monday to Sunday 9h-13h or 13-17h with ESF.


Evolution 2 launches an introduction to electric motocross this winter with a new guided trip.

Climb on — they are simple to use — and enjoy an adventure on the slopes of Val Thorens.

The new Swedish electric motorbikes are automatic, so no need to change gear and there’s no chance of stalling.

Each person drives their own vehicle and there is no need for a specific driving licence, although some motorbike experience is preferred.

DURATION: 45 minutes PRICE: From €70

AGE: From 14 years old Driving licence not required


What better way to enjoy the outdoors than snuggled up in a sleigh drawn by six dogs.

The energetic huskies will get your heart rate raising with the ride and there’s some time to play with the dogs , too .

PRICE: One hour from €90 for two people.


Every Tuesday and Thursday during the French school holidays children can join the ESF, French ski school, on Place Caron for a new activity that’s been designed especially for them: little bikes, but on skis.

These clever devices on skis are the perfect way to first experience gliding on snow.

The activity is open from children from 18 months to 5 years old.

PRICE: €5 from 17h15 until 19h (without a time limit)

And finally…..


It is possible to get a permanent souvenir from your trip.

Val Thorens boasts two tattoo parlours in the centre of the village.

You’ll find Paul Ca on the first floor of Wild & Savage bar (booking required), while Belleville Diner has both in-house and guest artists all season long.

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