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Somebody On Reddit Mapped Out All The Mountains On Collective Passes


Big up to Redditor jclinares who was fed up with the navigational tools on the various collective pass platforms and took the time to compile a complete guide on google maps of the resorts supported by Indy, Ikon, Epic and Mountain Collective. If you have one or more collective passes and are looking to take a roadtrip and hit multiple mountains, this is a most excellent resource for your disposal. Happy travels!

***NOTE: This list does not include cross country resorts on Indy and is not verified for accuracy. If you see any mistakes hit up jclinares and let them know to update***
“I got tired of the dumb map view that Ikon offers on their website, for which resorts are included, and some maps I found online are outdated or just as useless for actual trip planning.
So I made a custom map with the resorts. I’m using that to plan my trips this winter.
And then I saw that the Epic pass map is even more useless than what Ikon has, so I added the Epic resorts to the map as well, in the hope that more of you would find it useful.
Since I had already done all that, I figured I’d also add the Indy Pass and Mountain Collective (which, really, overlaps 90% with Ikon, but whatever) resorts to the map, too.
I have Indy and Mountain Collective resorts turned off on the default view, to avoid overcrowding in the map, but if you turn on those layers, they should show up. For the Indy Pass, I didn’t include the cross-country skiing areas, only the downhill ones.” –jclinares

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