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Snowvana Amateur Film Competition Winners Announced! (Watch Here)


Snowvana Amateur Film Competition Announced (1st Wins $3,500 Cash)

Snowvana Amateur Film Competition Announced (1st Wins $3,500 Cash)

The Snowvana Amateur Film Competition was seeking the best amateur ski/snowboarding filmmakers from across the country, and the submissions didn’t disappoint!

The competition was judged by a panel from legendary ski film studio Level 1. Three awards were given: Best Film, Runner Up, and Best Cinematography.

All three prize winners will debut their films for a live audience at the Snowvana Snow Show in Portland, OR on November 19th and 2PM.

Without further ado, here are the competition’s inaugural winners:

Best Film ($3,500 Prize): ‘Flate Rate’ By VEXED

DIRECTORS: Casey Segal, Adam Berton

FEATURING: Carson Miller, Davis Petersen, Reid Hendrix, Asa Wade, Casey Segal, Adam Berton, Casey Sturtevant, Charlie Scott, and friends. 

ART DIRECTOR: Evan Vollick-Offer 

MUSIC BY: Mikey Eyer & Sam Segal 

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Runner Up ($1,500 Prize): ‘Vertical Vision’ By SharpStudios

“In 2004, my introduction to xtreme sports was essentially “SSX On Tour”. A progressive ski/snowboarding video game at the time. I gravitated towards the vibe and energy that game put out.” -Carson Sharp

This film is heavily inspired by that game and era in snow sports. 18 years after the games release, @vv.xtreme crew emerges to create something fresh and different.

An attempt to influence creativity in ski film production.

Supported by: CAST TOURING, LIZARD STUFF, XSPEX OPTICS, FULL BEARD BREWING. Big thanks to everyone who helped make this vision possible.”

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Best Cinematography: ‘Turmoil’ By Dasha G Russia

This film was made in Russia by a crew of two people. It’s supposed to be a street skiing video but naturally turned to something more as the war in Ukraine started; a state of disturbance, confusion and uncertainty. Turmoil.

When the world turns to darkness, no matter how, all you can do is keep the light going. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Dubna Russia, March 2022

Skiing and idea – Dasha Agafonova (@dasha_gangsta_russia)

Footage and editing – Sergey Petlin (@karlfoutly)”

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You can learn more about Snowvana here.

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