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Snowbird Installs New Red Tram Car After Summer Incident


Snowbird has been anxiously awaiting a new cabin for their iconic tram after a rigging malfunction damaged the initial cabin beyond repair back in June.

Doppelmayr has taken responsibility for the incident, and worked hard to bring a new cabin to Snowbird before the season started.

We’re now learning that process has been completed, and Snowbird’s new red tram cabin will be ready to go for opening day.

Here are more details from Snowbird’s press release:

The remainder of the new systems installation and final commissioning will take place over the next few weeks and both new Tram cabins are slated to be operational for early season skiing, riding and sightseeing.”

Good on Doppelmayr for fixing their mistake before the season started. That was quite the blunder, but it seems like they’ve made up for it with time to spare before the season gets underway.

Stay tuned here at Unofficial Networks for all news related to Snowbird and skiing throughout Utah. We’ve got you covered!

All Images Credit: Snowbird/Otto Solberg

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