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Utah Transit Authority Stopping Service To Popular Alta Bus Stop


“You know, for years we’ve been trying to build up bus service and providing locker space for people to come and to be able to justify riding the bus and now it’s just like the rug is being pulled out from underneath them.”- Mike Maughan, President & General Manager of Alta Ski Area. 

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) ski bus service is going to be pretty brutal this season. After announcing that departures will be reduced from fifteen to thirty minutes starting on December 11th due to staffing shortages, FOX 13 Utah is reporting they are eliminating one of the most pivotal bus stops in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

UTA is removing the bus stop that is located right next to the Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge at Alta Ski Area. This is a vital stop for employees and guests, as it gives access to the Wildcat and Collins chairlifts. The waiting building is pretty nice too, as it’s completely enclosed from the elements, unlike other bus stops on the route.

UTA is saying they’re removing the bus stop not because of staffing shortages, but rather due to safety concerns. The stop is at the end of a moderately sized downsloping road leading to the Collins parking lot that becomes slick with all the snow. They were able to pull it off in prior seasons and the buses do have proper tires to handle the slick roads. There will still be a bus stop at Alta over in the Albion base area.

It’s another sign for the Little Cottonwood traffic situation might deteriorate this winter, as the state of Utah inches closer to choosing to build a gondola to try and solve congestion. Click here to watch Fox 13 Utah’s video breakdown of the situation.

Image Credits: Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge, Alta Ski Area

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