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WATCH: Lynx Wail At Each Other In Middle Of The Road


A group was traveling on a logging road in Maine when their path was blocked by two Canadian Lynx.

The group kept their distance and were able to deserve a couple minutes of the two cats wailing and calling at each other. The group wasn’t able to determine whether the cats were fighting or flirting.

Check out the full video below! It’s fascinating to hear their vocalizations.

“Myself and friends were traveling down a logging road near Oxbow, Maine in search of partridge and scouting for deer signs when we came across two Canada lynx in the road ahead. I’ve had some brief lynx sightings in the past, but nothing quite like this. They were being immensely vocal with each other.

We were unsure if they were flirting or fighting. They were preoccupied with each other and did not seem to care that we were close by. The lighter cat was especially unique. In the end, both cats decided to go their separate ways. We did spot the darker cat a couple of hours later not far from the site of the initial confrontation. Maybe he/she was the winner?”

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