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Moose Crash Utah Ski Resort’s Snow Cam (Video)


Snowbasin isn’t open for the season quite yet, but a couple of early-season snow storms have blanketed the mountain with a fresh coating of white.

Many Utahans were flocking to ski resorts’ websites across the region to get a live look at the fresh snow, and somebody noticed that two neighborhood moose were crashing Snowbasin’s snow stake scene.

Check out the clip below!

I’ve been known to stare at snow cams from time to time, in fact I got in trouble at my corporate job before starting at Unofficial Networks for doing so, but I would watch them even more often if somebody could guarantee that wildlife would make cameos.

Is it irresponsible for ski resorts to put out a little bowl of food to attract moose during blizzards to their snow cams?

I don’t want to cause any issues, but watching a snow stake with two big ol’ moose in the background is even more entertaining than watching the snow by itself…

Just saying!

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