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How To Truly Pick The Right Skis For You (Video)


Too often do I see people spending hundreds of dollars on skis just because they look cool or have a lot of hype surrounding them. For example, no shade whatsoever to this ski line (I’ve never had the opportunity to try them out, but from what I understand, they’re fantastic skis), but around a year ago, the Atomic Bent Chetler seemed to go viral on social media. I heard so many people say they wanted to get a pair, and even knew a few people who did, but the only reason anyone could ever give was their popularity or the cool art.

Just so it’s known, I’m not really one to talk. When I buy skis, I tend to go for what’ll do the job while fitting my (not so extensive) budget. I’m also a true believer in the idea that having the right skis won’t immediately make you a better skier, but there is a line there. Some skis are right for racing, some skis are right for park, and some skis are right for big mountain, and there are tons of options within each of those categories.

So how do you pick a ski? How do you know if a ski is right? Fortunately, for those who are looking for an answer, Stomp It Tutorials and Magnus Granèr attempted to answer that exact question in a recent episode of the Stomp It Pod.\

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Image Credit: Stomp It Tutorials via YouTube

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