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Colorado Ski Area Buys Local Tramway


Monarch Mountain is entering the scenic tramway business.

KOAA News5 reports that the Colorado ski area has bought the Monarch Crest Scenic Tramway and Gift Shop. The tourist attraction first opened as part of a Greyhound bus stop. The tramway opened in 1966, and its the oldest running tramway in the state.

The summit is situated at over 12,000 feet, goes along the Continental Divide, and the lift still features those classic retro cabins that are rarely seen these days.

Monarch Mountain is aiming to upgrade the tramway in order for it to keep up with acceptable lift standards set by the state of Colorado. They are aiming to add a welcome center, retail shop, food venue, and more parking.

The tramway is about 2 miles from the ski area itself so it’s unlikely that any trails will be cut. With that said, Monarch will continue to provide ample parking space for ski touring and backcountry access.

Monarch has also mentioned that the parking at the tramway could be used as an overflow option with shuttles to and from the ski area, if needed.

The tramway will be closed for this winter, but they plan to reopen in the Spring of 2023.

Image Credits: Monarch Mountain

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