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ESPN Sells Majority Interest Of The X Games To Private Equity Firm


A new era for the X Games has begun. Last week, ESPN announced they sold their majority interest in the X Games to MSP Sports Capital. MSP The X Games were founded in 1995 by ESPN to grow sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, and Motorcross. Tony Hawk, who is one of the primary reasons why the X Games became a huge deal, has joined MSP Sports Capital as a brand steward.

In terms of streaming, it sounds like a mixed bag. MSP Sports Capital plans to put the games on popular streaming services that have yet to be named to have them accessible to cable cord-cutters. According to the LA Times, the games won’t be streamed on ESPN+ though, a surprising twist due to the sports giant still owning a minor stake in the X Games. For non-cord-cutters, the X Games will still be broadcast on ESPN and ABC.

I’m curious to see if the vibe changes a bit with this ownership transition. On the other hand, the Walt Disney Company, which owns ESPN, has lost its character in recent years, so I feel it won’t be enough to notice. MSP Sports Capital will be producing its First X Games on Jan. 27-29, 2023 in Aspen, Colorado.

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