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WATCH: Pigs Fight Off Hungry Black Bear


Pigs might be big, fat, and stinky, but anybody who has ever worked on a farm knows one thing- you don’t mess with a hog.

The video below is security camera footage of a pig pen at a house in Connecticut. A hungry black bear comes strolling by looking for a meal, but is thwarted by defensive hogs that certainly aren’t scared.

The bear even bites and claws at the pigs. Take a look at the full video below:

[embedded content]

“Bear was discovered on Ring camera. Several videos took place of the bear being curious and even having a little trouble climbing into pen before discovering video of a bear getting into the pen that started the action of the pigs handing him a new ass and letting him know, no bacon for him!”

How many other animals would have the guts to fend off a bear? Not too many, right? As I said before- you just don’t mess with hogs.

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