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WATCH: GNAR Fan Calls Out JT Holmes


Those of you that have been following Unofficial Networks since the days of GNAR know all about the ‘Pro Call Out’.

If you need a reminder, the pro call out is when you encounter a pro skier and exclaim something a long the lines of:

“Yo. Are you (insert pro’s name)? I can’t believe you’re a pro, I’m so much better than you.”

The pro call out always gets a laugh since the days of GNAR, and I highly encourage all of you to use it whenever you encounter a pro. It’s way better than asking for a selfie.

Now to today’s video- I just stumbled across this vintage clip of a skier riding a chairlift with pro JT Holmes. The skier does his best to hide the camera, but you can tell he’s excited to call him out.

Check it out below. Holmes’ reaction is priceless.

[embedded content]

Let’s bring back the pro call out on a more regular basis, okay?

We need to keep reminding those pros that we’re better than them.

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