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WATCH: Is Skiing In Austria Better Than Skiing In Alaska?


What is the best place in the world for skiing? There are definitely tons of different opinions surrounding this question, and, as far as I know, there isn’t one correct answer. There are places that are better for big lines but not as great for snow, places that are better for deep snow but not as great for big lines, places that tend to have the best parks, areas that have the most notorious ski racing routes… I can go on and on with this, and within each of those categories there are almost definitely multiple different opinions.

Better than Alaska? Skiing Austria: The Place Beyond The Spines does not answer that question. It doesn’t even really discuss the idea of the Austrian Alps being better than Alaska, it just shows off the coolest and most ideal parts about skiing in Austria. BUT, it’s a wicked cool short film. The parts that really caught my attention, as someone who’s dabbled in some minor amateur film making, were the interactions between different film crews and those with different film goals. It’s not super serious, in fact I’d say the video is hardly serious, but it’s interesting and it’s got some gorgeous shots as well as some pretty funny moments.

If you’ve got 15 minutes of spare time, give this guy a watch.

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Image Credit: Nikolai Schirmer via YouTube

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