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Moronic Influencer Hits Golf Ball Into The Grand Canyon


What happens when a golfing influencer and the Grand Canyon collide? In this instance, it will likely result in criminal charges and a court appearance. Last week, a viral video showed Katie Sigmond, an influencer known for her golfing content and skimpy outfits, hitting a golf ball into the Grand Canyon. As she was swinging, her golf club broke in half, leading part of it to also fall into the canyon. She posted a video of the situation on her Snapchat, and also on her TikTok as well. You can view the Snapchat story on Reddit here.

Influencer hitting golf ball and losing golf club into the Grand Canyon from NationalPark

After numerous people reported the situation to the National Park Service, they responded with potential charges and a court appearance. The charges from the Grand Canyon Law Enforcement have not been revealed, but they did point out how this situation endangered people that were below.

This follows instances last year where individuals hit baseballs into the Grand Canyon and similar situations where golfers treat a national park like the local driving range.

It’s hard to write an article like this because it does give the person the clout they’re desperately craving. Unfortunately, in the bizarre social media era that we currently live in, it feels important to show what’s right and wrong. It goes without saying that stunts like this are unacceptable, but they’re a part of the current culture that we’re living in. She has recently turned to stunts like throwing a pumpkin into bowling pins to gain more clout, but she was doing fine even before this.  Hopefully, she faces some charges, and even a national park ban, and shows remorse for her dumbassery.

Image/Video Credits: Katie Sigmond, Grand Canyon National Park

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