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WATCH: Anna Gasser’s One Jump Session Is SICK.


Anna Gasser had a long and hectic competition season last year, but that didn’t stop her from throwing down an absolutely sick jump session on the slopes of Kreischberg in her home country of Austria.

Check out the quick edit below. It’s one of the best you’ll see all year. Guaranteed.

Anna Gasser Clemens Millauer: “Jump Session with Anna Gasser at Kreischberg. Some soul boarding after a long competiton season and having the chance to ride and progress without any pressure. Thanks to Red Bull, Audi and Kreischberg for the epic session.”

[embedded content]

God damn. I could watch Gasser snowboard all day.

The way she tweaks her grabs is sick. The way she sends herself flying through the air is sick. Her air awareness is sick. She’s just an all-around sick snowboarder.

I’m gonna go and watch that edit again. You should too.

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