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‘Welcome To The Good Life’- RED Mountain Resort Gets It (Video)


^RED Mountain frontside trail map

I’ve been waiting over the last couple of seasons for a ski resort to effectively capitalize on the madness that has transpired at mega-pass resorts.

It seemed like a layup for an independent ski resort/area to draw stark comparisons between their ski experience and that which some mega-pass holders have grown accustomed to.

A couple of resorts put out some good efforts, but I think it’s taken until now for RED Mountain Resort in Rossland, BC, CAD to nail it.

RED recently published a video titled ‘Welcome To The Good Life’ in which they show what the overall skiing experience is like at their resort.

I’ve watched it more than a couple of times, and I now want to go skiing at RED so damn badly. It looks like a blast.

Check it out for yourself:

[embedded content]

Doesn’t RED look like paradise? The marketing team did an excellent job in distinguishing what makes their resort different from others.

I just got my passport renewed (finally)… Should I make the journey up to Rossland this winter? I might just have to after watching ‘Welcome To The Good Life’.

It looks like the ‘Good Life’ indeed.

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