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WATCH: Skier Crashes Hard For New Film


If you haven’t already, please do me a favor and watch ‘Bar Fight’, a short film by Alex D’Agostino (@alexanderthegrom), over on LINE Skis YouTube page, or keep scrolling for the full thing embedded below.

It’s only 5 minutes, but it’s chock-full of action, crashes, and beautiful cinematography. It’s already become one of my favorite short films of the year.

The clip below shows pro skier Jake Hopfinger (@jakehopfinger) absolutely eating it while he was filming for Bar Fight. The clip was used in the film’s opening segment, and it’s worth a re-watch on its own.

Check it out:

How in the hell did Hopfinger’s skis stay on?

Dude went ass-over-tea-kettle like 5 times after sending it off a big ol’ natural cliff and his boots are still locked in.

He must be rocking a 25 DIN setting or some shit, damn!

Check out the full film below if you haven’t already. It’s a damn good time.

[embedded content]

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