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Splicing Lift Cables Never Looked So Cool (Watch)


You might think splicing lift cables wouldn’t be all that exciting, but my friend, you are sorely mistaken.

The task of splicing cables is an extremely important job for the integrity of the chairlift (obviously), and it requires a ton of experience and skill. Not only that, it’s badass as hell. I mean it doesn’t really get any more badass than using torches and hammers to connect solid steel cables together.

I’ve seen a couple of clips of splicing in the past, but none have ever looked as cool as the video below by Sunday River.

You gotta see this for yourself:

I don’t know if I’m just more obsessed with skiing than the average person or what, but that video actually gave my real-life goosebumps.

Those hard-working men and women working on that lift are some genuine badasses. Kudos to the Sunday River social media team for showcasing their efforts so perfectly.

Excuse me. I’m gonna go watch that a few dozen more times.

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