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Skiing Big Lines Is Like Getting Into A Bar Fight (Watch)


Skiing true big mountain lines isn’t something that most of us can do. We leave that insanity up to the pros.

The pros are pros for a reason, but that doesn’t exclude them from taking huge hits when they make a mistake on the mountain. Big lines = big rewards and big consequences.

The short film below by Alex D’Agostino via LINE Skis draws that skiing to bar fight analogy clearly. These guys and gals are risking it all for the sweet taste of satisfaction and to defend their honor.

Give it a watch:

[embedded content]

LINE Skis: Skiing big mountain lines can be a lot like being in a BAR FIGHT. See more behind Bar Fight: https://lineskis.com/blog/p/bar-fight

If big mountain skiing is so heavy, why does everyone keep putting Odesza in their edits?

A film by Alex D’Agostino

Skiers: Jake Hopfinger, Jonnie Merril, Caite Zeliff, Lucas Wachs

Filmed by: Alex D’Agostino Caleb Ely Fin Woods

Color: Caleb Chicoine

Supported by LINE, Sweet Protection, Cast, Bomb Snow, BCA”

I thought it was a pretty sweet little movie if I do say so myself. The lines were big, the crashes were huge, and I honestly wasn’t ready for it to be over!

I’ll tell ya what though, I really wanna get my feet on a pair of LINE Blade Optics after watching it. Those skis look like a damn good time.

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