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How Long Does It Take A Deer To Become A Moose? (Hilarious)


Oh, how wild it must be to be a customer service employee in one of the hundreds of mountain towns across this great country.

I can’t even begin to imagine how many dumb questions are asked throughout the year, and luckily I don’t have to.

TikTok channel @lifeintheadk (Life In The Adirondacks) regularly posts videos where she details the absolutely bizarre interactions she has with customers that come into her shop.

In her most recent video, which is starting to go viral, she explains how a customer asked her, “How long does it take a deer to grow up to be a moose?” ????

Check it out for yourself:


Stupid questions people ask. #upstateny #adirondacksny #lifeintheadk #adirondack #adk #adirondackmountains #stupidquestions

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Customer service employees are taught that the ‘Customer Is Always Right’, fine, I can accept that as long as I can continue to believe that some customers are absolutely f*ckin’ morons…

I don’t expect every person to know that deer and moose are two completely different species, but for that lady to be so arrogant that she couldn’t accept that she was wrong is just mind-blowing.

Imagine that next time you’re on vacation that you walk into a mom and pop store and question the knowledge of somebody that works there? Like, what? Who does that?

People are stupid. Bless their hearts. ????

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