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WATCH: Vintage Footage Of Killington’s Earliest Opening Day Ever


In terms of early-season skiing, the East Coast is straight-up not having a good time right now. Warm weather has kept mainstays like Killington and Sunday River from blowing enough snow to open. So it has led some people to look back at colder days.

On October 1, 1993, Killington Resort opened for the season on a white ribbon of death. This video from Youtuber B-Stead captures a Castleton State College Video Magazine report for opening day at Killington. The scenes looked like mayhem: the mountain biking trails were still open, so bikers were allowed on the only open run for skiing to access the biking routes, and hikers were also allowed on the old Killington Peak Double Chair. Killington has opened on October 1st multiple times: the 92-93, 93-94, and the 97-98 seasons.

Killington always aims for early openings, and they now have a much more convenient setup over at the North Ridge Quad. But with the warming climate, it’s hard to see early October openings in Killington’s future.

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Image/Video Credits: B-Stead

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