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Scott Stevens New Skate Inspired Snowboard Model Was Designed By Jamie Thomas


Really cool collaboration between Scott Stevens and his skateboard hero Jamie Thomas to create a skate inspired pro model snowboard by Capita. Jamie worked super closely with Scott to mimic the slide marks he makes while skating and transfer them to his pro model. Genuinely got a smile out of Scotty describing all the personal touches in a recent IG post:

“I have a new Capita pro model designed by Jamie Thomas and Zero Skateboards . Absolute trip for me ❤️ Thank you Jamie for being my idol from your invisible days to now. You actually providing the slide marks that are on the snowboard is such a personal touch. Now the addition of the skate trucks was my idea to pay homage to Noah Salasnek and Andy Hetzel who both had skate trucks on there pro snowboard graphics many decades ago. Noah with sims and Andy with Kemper . I’m a fanatic of both these generations of snowboards and skateboarders. So this snowboard has a few levels of nostalgia built in. Jamie added the Theory Skate Shop logo because it was my first sponsor and Ken Cardoza tag for my father in law who passed away last year ❤️ Rest In Peace Ken and Rest In Peace Noah. One of the best to ever do it. Lastly getting to film Jamie Thomas at his home turf was definitely a highlight of my year.”

Makes sure to swipe through the videos on from this post by Scott where he talks about working with Jamie and his attention to detail to thoughtfully express his skateboarding through the design. If you’re interested in picking one up BUY HERE:

With a shape that turns on a dime, this board is made to jib, bonk, slide, shred, ride, slap, and pop off anything. Known for a damp feel and durable ride, the Scott Stevens Pro is a coveted board for creative riders looking for a more traditional twin tip shape in an advanced construction. The Scott Stevens Pro has been refined throughout its life. This current iteration features a lightweight and versatile P2 Superlight Core™, 4 x 30 mm Carbon Fiber Boosters, and a full-length Cork Edge-Dampening System.

Often imitated but never duplicated, Scott Steven’s riding and personal style are without compare. As a master innovator and industry leader in new tricks, he has set himself apart in the snowboarding game. This twin-tip park destroyer is Scott’s TENTH pro-model on CAPiTA. It is a nod to his love for skateboarding, a dream collab with ZERO Skateboards, and features graphics done by the legendary Jamie Thomas.


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