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Ski Resort Sues Former Operations Manager For Unauthorized Raise


A battle over wages is brewing between Baldy Mountain Resort and a former high-level manager. Castanet reports that the British Columbian ski resort is suing a former operations manager for $5,901.10 over allegedly stolen wages.

Caroline Sherrer, who worked at the mountain from 2019 to 2021, had a yearly wage starting a $58,000 CAD, and rose to $65,020 CAD by June 2020. This wage hike was without the knowledge of the ski resort, as they finally discovered it in late 2020. Additionally, she didn’t give the company a ninety days notice before leaving the position, which was required as part of her contract.

The former employee, who managed their economic and administrative activities, is arguing that she based her raises on the increase in the provincial minimum wage. Baldy Mountain Resort is saying that since she wasn’t an hourly employee, this wage hike didn’t apply to her. I’m no expert in Canadian law, so I’ll let the courts untangle this messy situation out.

Image Credits: Baldy Mountain Resort

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