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Town Of Vail Files Petition To Condemn Divisive Housing Parcel


The battle for employee housing in East Vail isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Vail Daily reports that the Vail Town Council filed a petition in condemnation” to the Eagle County District Court against the Booth Heights site, which is where Vail Resorts wants to use for housing their employees for their flagship ski resort. The move is to claim the land via eminent domain eventually. This follows Vail Resorts filing a legal complaint to the Eagle County District Court regarding the parcel, and the company’s rejection of a $12 million offer from the Town to buy the land. The original goal for Vail Resorts was to build an employee housing building for 165 employees and have it completed by December 2023.

The official statement from the Town of Vail is below.

“The Town of Vail has filed a petition in condemnation for the Booth Heights site in East Vail. The petition was filed on Oct. 14 with the Eagle County District Court. The action follows Vail Resorts’ rejection of a $12 million offer to purchase the property and represents the next step in the town’s process to acquire the site by eminent domain. 

In filing the petition, the Town of Vail determined the property is essential for the preservation of its open space, wildlife, and natural resources. In addition, the town has indicated it has been unable to acquire Booth Heights by voluntary acquisition, despite good faith negotiations with Vail Resorts. It will now be up to the court to determine the amount the town will pay to Vail Resorts for the property. 

The town has also filed a motion for immediate possession. If granted, the motion would allow the town to obtain possession of the property during the proceedings, subject to a deposit with the court. 

The eminent domain process to acquire Booth Heights began last spring when the Vail Town Council voted to begin condemnation. Since then, correspondence between the town and Vail Resorts has failed to result in an agreement, culminating in the rejection of the $12 million offer earlier this month. 

More information on the Booth Heights condemnation process can be found at www.vailgov.com/government/current-topics-projects/booth-heights-land-site-condemnation.”

The reasoning for Vail’s moves is to supposedly protect the bighorn sheep habitat, but many claim the situation reeks of Nimbyism. Houses have been allowed to be built above the proposed site, so it’s a bizarre situation that’s unfolding.

Zachary Varón, an Eagle County local, made some interesting points during a recent Vail Town Council meeting. You can watch his speech to them below.

Image/Video Credits: Vail Ski Resort, @vailsticky

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