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Red Bull Rampage 2022 Returns To Utah


The world’s best freestyle mountain bikers have once again gathered in Virgin, Utah as they take their first practice runs for the 2022 Red Bull Rampage.  The venue for the event will return to the former site of the 2008-2013 competitions, which last saw riders on the course almost a decade ago. If this practice footage is any indication of what’s in store for Friday it will be must see TV (streamed live exclusively on ESPN+). Bit bummed its not gonna stream live for free but there will be a replay available on Red Bull TV immediately following its conclusion.  

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This event will be streamed live exclusively on ESPN+ in the US with the replay available on Red Bull TV ESPN+ immediately after. Red Bull Rampage is headed back to the steep and unforgiving terrain of Southwest Utah in 2022! On Friday, October 21, the premier big-mountain freeride event will showcase the world’s top riders as they take-on some of the biggest and baddest tricks, lines, and bring the most ‘send-ergy’ that freeride has ever seen.

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