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The Association Les 3 Vallées is launching a new online travel agency – Les 3 Vallées Travel. It will provide guests a simple and direct way to book holidays to the largest linked ski area in the world, all year round. NEW

The new travel agency will promote Les 3 Vallées area and its seven internationally renowned resorts as a four-seasons destination.

Snowsports are currently the main focus of the region, and it now wants to draw in guests not just for the winter but in the summer, spring and autumn, too.

The online travel agency is a gateway to Les 3 Vallées and will enable guests to book trips to all resorts:

  • Courchevel
  • Méribel
  • Brides-les-Bains
  • Saint Martin de Belleville
  • Les Menuires
  • Val Thorens
  •  Orelle
Les Menuires. Image © PlanetSKI

Les Menuires. Image © PlanetSKI

See here for the new Les 3 Vallées Travel agency.

“Les 3 Vallées Travel agency is all about broadening and augmenting our offer to the marketplace focused on holidays to the region all year round,” said the executive director of the Association Les 3 Vallées, Olivier Desaulty.

“In the UK, most skiers book their annual ski trip year after year through knowledgeable and expert tour operators or travel agents.

“So, we see our strategy as very much complementary rather than one of competition.”

Olivier Desaulty giving details to UK media. Image c/o PlanetSKI

Olivier Desaulty giving details to UK media. Image c/o PlanetSKI

The Agency will work in tandem with the resorts’ own sales and marketing initiatives and act as an additional channel to market for tourism development.

The Association Les 3 Vallées was founded in 1972 by the local tourist offices, municipalities, lift companies and ESF to promote Les 3 Vallées region and brand in France and beyond.

Three years ago, the Management Committee reviewed its vision and ambitions for the future,  recognising that many visitors come throughout the year.

Further to extensive market research and board level discussion, the Association Les 3 Vallées’ developed a new strategy focused on tourism throughout the four seasons.

Dining in Les3Vallees. Image © PlanetSKI

Dining in Les3Vallees. Image © PlanetSKI

It has a number of key objectives.

– To promote the region all year round so that it is no longer primarily limited and tied to the opening and closing of the ski lifts.

– To publicise the different types of holiday visitors can have which is diverse, including hiking, cycling, mountain biking, spas and wellness, Via Ferrata, food and dining, among others.

– To simplify the customer booking journey to attract more people to experience the beauty of the main three valleys – the Saint-Bon, Les Allues and Belleville – along with the Maurienne which is home to Orelle.

– To provide an easier booking route for holiday makers globally especially in countries where tour operators and travel agents selling Les 3 Vallées are under-represented.

La Grande Derniere, Val Thorens. Image © PlanetSKI

Val Thorens. Image © PlanetSKI

Infinite Mountain Experiences – the new brand proposition 

Market research carried out by the Association Les 3 Vallées shows that consumers define and describe Les 3 Vallées not just in terms of skiing – and the resorts – but rather as a whole region offering a vast playground of experiences throughout the year.

This led to the development of a new brand strategy and proposition which focuses on the ‘Infinite Mountain Experiences’ available.

This launched in 2021.

“The communications approach is to articulate the message about the endless range of activities one can do in Les 3 Vallées,” said Olivier Desaulty.

“So, the word ‘Mountain’ in the strapline can scroll to reflect this and change to whatever the activity is, so Infinite Family Experiences, Infinite Wellness Experiences, Infinite Cycling Experiences and so on. The list is long.”

Les 3 Vallées Travel will become a comprehensive holiday booking portal.

It will offer the following:

o   A ‘one-stop-shop’ to simplify the customer journey.  At launch, accommodation can be booked, as well as ski passes by the end of October.

And then, during the season, additional functionality will be added so that ski school and ski rental can also be purchased.

o   By the summer of 2023, travel options which are eco-friendly will be included in the packages sold.

Tourists will be encouraged to book using trains – which have lower carbon emissions – linking to dedicated local buses so as to reduce the volume of cars and pollution in the area.

o   Flexible booking options such as Sunday to Sunday holidays will be offered so friends and families avoid peak travel times.

There will be options for hybrid working – short or mid-week stays for example – so that professionals can work remotely in the mountains, thereby enjoying the benefits of a better work/life balance.

The local SNCF train station, Moûtiers-Salins-Brides-les-Bains, is also where the Association Les 3 Vallées’ has an information area and café and the entry point to the region by train.

About Les 3 Vallées

Les 3 Vallées is the largest interconnected ski area in the world with 600 km of pistes and 162 lifts. 

Open from Dec 10, 2022 to April 28, 2023, Les 3 Vallées includes seven resorts: Courchevel, Méribel, Brides-les-Bains, Saint Martin de Belleville, Les Menuires, Val Thorens and Orelle.

More than 85% of the ski area is situated over 1,800m.


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