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Midwest Skiers Hit 1+ FEET Of Fresh October Snow! (Video)


While the west and northeast are patiently waiting for Mother Nature and Father Winter to get their act together, a few skiers in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula scored fresh turns on legitimate powder snow yesterday.

Yes, you read that correctly. The video below was fimed YESTERDAY (10/17/222)!!!

It shows more than 13″ of fresh snow blanketing the mellow slopes of Mt. Zion in Ironwood, MI, and a couple of skiers who earned some delicious mid-October powder turns!

Check it out. Credit to @dustyf/ @skidaup for the video, and to @tele_dale for the turns!

My jealousy is through the ‘effin roof, man. Mt. Zion is nothing steep or particularly large, but I’d kill to make some mellow wiggles on fresh snow right about now.

Who would have thought that some of the first powder turns of the season would be made in Ironwood, MI? Crazy.

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