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Elan Skis Just Dropped A Ski Anthem That’s Hilariously European


“Snow time of year is here so have no fear.”

Just found my new favorite ski song and it comes straight out of Central Europe. For the past 75 years Elan has been handcrafting world class skis in the Slovenian Alps but who knew they were capable of such incredible music productions. While some of the diction is slightly butchered, it makes this ski anthem all the more lovable. If you’re susceptible to earworms, I don’t recommend you press play because this is catchy as hell:

“Always good time. We are best friends forever. When another winter lands, we know we are going to ski again!”

[embedded content]

ELAN SKIS: Skiing creates memories and memories create bonds. And that is why Elan is all about good times. The best times are those spent with friends and family in the mountains. Whether it’s a family weekend road trip to a favorite local destination or a backcountry adventure with best buddies, it’s always good times when we surround ourselves with the ones we’re closest to. The real beauty is found in the emotions and feelings when we can laugh, smile, and throw high fives after a great day – whether carving the perfect turn on groomers, ripping bottomless powder, or just casually cruising down the mountain. Experience, adventures, and creating great memories together all have one thing in common – good times.

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