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Busch Light Introduces A Secret List Of Hidden-Gem Trails Accessible Only By NDA


It’s hard not to love hiking. You do your research, find a good trail, wake up early, maybe drive for a couple hours, and find a nice parking spot under some trees to keep the car cool while you’re in the wilderness. From there, it’s just you, whoever you’re hiking with, and the sounds of nature. Oh, and everyone and their mother as well.

According to Statista, around 58.7 million people found themselves hiking last year in the United States. That means it’s getting more and more difficult to find empty trails. Sure, you could go on a weekday when everyone’s at work, but there’s a good chance you’re at work, and if you’re not, there’s still anyone who’s on vacation, students on summer break, and plenty of other people to break the silence. You could also choose to go when the weather’s bad, but then you have to deal with bad weather, and the views probably won’t be as good as you really want. There’s also significantly more difficult trails, but that means you have to train or already be a darn good hiker, and if you’re like me, you don’t have time for that (plus, no matter how hard the trail is, it seems like there will always be someone running up and down the thing).

So what are your best options from here? You could find a hardcore local who has a lot secret trails up there sleeve, or you could sign the Busch Guyd Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for your chance to gain access to a secret list of hidden-gem trails throughout the United States. Who is this built by? Well, Busch hired one of America’s top trail builders to bring you these secrets. Why? To celebrate the release of their new camo packaging, of course!

Seriously though, you are signing an NDA to gain access to this list. That means, if you win, you can’t publish the list on your social media to get more likes, and you can’t go around telling everyone you know about this sick new trail you’ve discovered. You gotta keep it to yourself. Otherwise, what would be the point? The promotion goes on until November 1st, with the first 200 people signing the agreement each week becoming a winner.

Image Credit: Busch Light

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