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Woman Gored By Angry Buck In Driveway (VIDEO)


A Utah home’s security camera captured an aggressive buck goring a woman in her own driveway.

The woman was trying to protect her small dog from the buck, but she ended up getting gored and is currently in the hospital recovering from several puncture wounds and a broken vertebrae.

Watch the harrowing video below:

I’ve never seen a deer be so aggressive towards humans. The buck was almost acting like he was a big bull elk in Yellowstone National Park during the rut. Crazy.

Hopefully the woman is okay. She paid a price to protect her dog, but I think I would have done the same thing if put in a similar scenario.

One last thing… kslnews, who uploaded the video, used the hashtag #ohdeer in their post. Really kslnews? Really?

Come on… you can do better than that…????

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