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Bolton Valley Announces Free Parking To Clap Back At Stowe


^Cars wait in traffic in Stowe. Credit: Stowe Reporter

Stowe, VT is Vail Resort’s flagship property in the northeast.

The resort has gained public criticism since they announced that all guests will have to pay for parking on weekends and holidays this coming season.

Things got even worse, in the public opinion, when Stowe announced that they’re selling $450 season parking passes that don’t guarantee a spot for the passholder.

Despite the public outcry, those season parking passes sold out within minutes yesterday.

Nearby Bolton Valley, VT is clapping back at Stowe’s decision to opt for paid parking by announcing that their parking will remain free throughout the season.

It’s no coincidence that Bolton is making this ‘announcement’ this week. They’re clearly capitalizing on Stowe’s blunder, and I don’t blame them!

Bolton Valley is closer to Burlington than Stowe, and contrasting their operations will surely be beneficial.

Take a look at the full announcement from Bolton Valley below:


Picture of the Bolton Valley Parking Lot in Fall

Picture of the Bolton Valley Parking Lot in Fall

Bolton Valley announced today that parking in both the main base area lots and the newly-renovated Timberline Lodge will continue to be free to all customers this season. Since 1966, founder Ralph DesLauriers has worked to make skiing affordable to Vermonters and natural to Vermont’s environment. The original plan for the resort even included the note that “parking lots should have trees and grass breaking up the rows of cars so you aren’t facing out onto a lifeless sea of metal.” In accordance with that initial vision and in the spirit of authenticity, sections of the lower parking lots still use the original dirt from 1966! #HeirloomDirt

BV President, Lindsay DesLauriers said, “while our parking lots may not be the fanciest, they will be free to all skiers and riders.”

“Skiing is about experiencing the natural beauty of winter. And what is more unnatural than a big stripe of smooth tar breaking up a beautiful mountain landscape?” an enthusiastic Bolton Valley skier told reporters while putting the snow tires on their Subaru to good use.

Trail Maps - Alpine & Nordic Terrain - Bolton Valley, Vermont

Trail Maps - Alpine & Nordic Terrain - Bolton Valley, Vermont

Good on Bolton Valley for sticking to their guns. Charging for parking at a ski resort has always felt like a scam, and I applaud the resorts across the country that refuse to adopt it.

Important to note that Bolton Valley is family-owned and operated by DesLauriers family. They’re not beholden to corporate interests or stock prices like Vail-owned Stowe.

I highly recommend Indy Pass holders, Burlington locals, and vacationers alike check out Bolton Valley this season!

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