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WATCH: Bizarrely Amazing Ski Hype Video by Black Crows Skis

“Winter wakes the crows, lets fly together” 

If Black Crows was just selling vibes I’d empty my bank account. Not even really sure what I just watched but it was brilliant. It is how the French say…c’est bon:

pursuit of pleasure: Since founding black crows we have met many individuals. Our community has grown thanks to our differences, as well as a simple, pivotal common love for snow, mountains, and skiing. We may not have the same definition of joy, happiness, or freedom but we all agree on one simple, bare truth: together we fly higher.

…if you’re feeling the vibe and want to shop Black Crows full line of gear for 2023 GO HERE:

[embedded content]

blackcrows is an independent french freeski brand from chamonix. Founded in 2006 by pro freeskiers Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet, blackcrows was born out of a desire to collide beauty and efficiency into skis. We create obsessively design-driven objects that are uncompromising in performance and identity for contemporary skiing. We aim for the pleasure of the senses through freedom and adventure. We believe that ski culture is a window to the world.

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