Cody Townsend presents The FIFTY: Comstock Couloir, British Columbia


Cody Townsend is back with another season of his popular series The FIFTY, where the mustachioed new dad continues to tick off all 50 of North America’s Classic Ski Descents. In this season’s first episode, Townsend sets his sights on the elusive giant, Comstock Couloir, deep, deep in the backcountry of British Columbia’s beloved Rogers Pass. Because of Comstock’s remote location, it generally takes a full day just to get to the base of the 3,000-foot couloir, and the very real and very dangerous hazards, including multiple avalanche paths, glaciers and a giant cornice at the top of the line, Comstock is rarely skied for good reason. To gain some valuable beta, Townsend leans on Salomon teammates Chris Rubens and Greg Hill, who have each successfully skied the line in years’ past.

In true FIFTY fashion, Comstock doesn’t make it easy for Townsend and team—Sam Smoothy, Mali Noyes and Greg Hill. In an effort to scope things out before official departure, Mother Nature had other plans…A recurring theme for the 38th line in Townsend’s attempt to ski all 50 of the classic ski descents.

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