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Protective Mama Grizzly Sprints At Moving Car (Video)


The quality of the video is poor, but it’s just manageable enough to appreciate how tense this grizzly bear encounter was.

Pay attention to the beginning of the clip.

You can see a larger bear (the mother) flanked by three smaller bears (the cubs). They had just crossed the road, but then the mama bear suddenly does an about-face and starts sprinting directly at the moving vehicle.

Full video below:

[embedded content]

There’s nothing that a mama bear won’t do for her cubs!

Video Description: “I was taking my son and his friend to school when we saw this momma grizzly and her three cubs crossing the road. I was going to stop and take a picture of the bear, but as I slowed down she started to charge my truck. luckily my son was recording on his phone.”

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