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The First Ski Lift In Tahoe Was A Boat…?


Did you know that the first mechanized lift used in California was made out of a boat-like sled that ferried skiers up Donner Summit north of Lake Tahoe?

KCRA News has the story of how two men shaped the ski industry in northern California using rope tows, a weird boat sled lift, illegal prohibition bourbon, snow, and an aim for profits.

Great watch to start the week off and learn a little bit about the history of skiing on Donner Summit and the Lake Tahoe area!

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I’m always amazed at how sketchy some of the early lift systems were at ski resorts across the world. Park City used an old mining shaft at one point, a hotel built a ski lift out of an old city bus on Mt. Hood, and there’s countless other examples of people creating ways to get skiers up the mountain that I would never sit my ass on in a thousand years.

Say what you want about bureaucratic legislation, but at least we have somewhat regulated ski lifts nowadays.

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