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Yellowstone Club Employee Finds Bear In Basement (Video)


The Yellowstone Club, located near Big Sky, MT is one of the most exclusive private ski resorts in the entire world, but that didn’t keep this pesky black bear from poking around in the basement.

Video description:

“Occurred on September 21, 2020 / Big Sky, Montana, USA This is a video of me doing my rounds closing up for the night at a well-known private ski resort in Montana. When I went to turn the lights off at the other end of the property I took the shortcut through the basement of the main building only to find this big bear staring at me right around the corner. I was in a good jovial mood and decided to film it and interact with the bear from a somewhat safe location, with hopes of getting it back outside and away from any humans! Eventually, the bear made its way outside through a parking garage after a 15-man team including SUVs and a garage Zamboni successfully corralled it to the exit!”

[embedded content]

How do you think he got in? You typically have to know somebody who is a member to even get through the gates…

Hmmm… which Yellowstone Club celebrity would be most likely to be friends with a black bear? Tom Brady? Bill Gates? Jennifer Garner?

Nah. It’s definitely Phil Mickelson. Ol’ lefty is a known degenerate gambler. I bet this bear was just looking to collect on money he’s owed.

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