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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Goes Bungee Jumping (Watch)


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took the plunge at Canada’s highest bungee jump in Quebec earlier this week.

Yes. You read that correctly. The Prime Minister of Canada went bungee jumping. How fricken cool is that?

Check out the video from Great Canadian Bungee below:

“You never know who you will encounter on the bungee tower at Great Canadian Bungee! Canadian Prime Minister @justinpjtrudeau came to jump this morning with his son Xavier and daughter Ella-Grace. Props to them on some fantastic jumps and even some water dips! ????????????”

I don’t give a crap about his politics. I’m just about how Canada has kind of 1-upped America in all-around radness. Having your Prime Minister go bungee jumping? That’s rad.

Imagine Joe Biden or Donald Trump jumping off a 200-foot drop and dunking their head underwater.

You can’t tell me you wouldn’t want to see that…

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