Vars-Risoul Ski Area Splits Over Lift Pass Revenue Row


The link between the two resorts in the southern French Alps is cut as the 185km ski area will not be joined this coming winter. It has been a joint ski area for 46-years. Skiers are disappointed and are calling for an outbreak of common sense. NEW

The two ski areas have been locked in a row in recent years the Vars area has issued a statement saying “the two companies will operate their domain independently of each other” for the season of 2022/23.

Of the 185 kms of slopes, 115 kms are in Vars with 70 kms in Risoul.

For many years the resort of Vars has felt that it has lost out from the re-distribution of lift pass revenue.

An independent company was brought in to work out how many skiers head from Vars to Risoul and vice versa.

Vars- Risoul ski area

Vars- Risoul ski area

It indicates the precise distribution of skiers over the whole area of ​​the ‘Forest Blanche’ joint area.

However, the two companies “could not resolve to a common agreement after several phases of negotiation” said Vars.

After 46 years the White Forest area is set to experience its first winter of closure.

The two resorts used to be popular with a section of British skiers, especially families, but have fallen slightly out of favour in recent years,

The latest row will do little to stop the demise.

PlanetSKI reader Antonia Simpson has reacted on our Facebook page.

“This is such a shame,” said Antonia.

“There’s been a lot of investment in new lifts in recent years and I was looking forward to skiing there.

“However the link is a major attraction and I rather suspect we will look elsewhere until this spat is resolved.”

Vars is due to open on December 10th with Risoul opening on the same date.

There has been no official comment from Risoul, but there has been reaction on its Facebook page:

Michael Lucas: Without Vars you will be very alone, finally you will realize it.

Martine Bellusci: What a waste for me who had been coming since 1980 and who made it known to many people I am very disappointed.

Julien Demonchaux: Very disappointed and angry with the attitude of Risoul who has under invested for years while Vars invested spectacularly. The economic consequences of cutting the link between Vars and Risoul will be much more dramatic on the Risoul side.

Nicolas Roaches: Faithful to Risoul for 40 years, if no more connection it will be without me too….

Despite the standoff it is hoped a rabbit may be pulled out of the hat and common sense prevails.

Here at PlanetSKI we’ll keep you posted.

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