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Know Before You Go (KBYG) Launches New Avalanche Awareness Program


“If you haven’t heard, the KBYG team has been hard at work revamping the entire program over the past 20 months. We are extremely excited to debut our all-new website, online learning platform, videos, and an inspiring new presentation this season!”

If you didn’t get a chance to tune in last night for KBYG’s global live stream launching their revamped avalanche awareness program, do yourself a favor and watch the replay below. KBYG’s goal is to provide anyone who lives, works, or plays near snow-covered mountains basic understanding of avalanche danger, where to go for resources available to learn more about avalanches, and most importantly the motivation to gain more knowledge. They are a wonderful organization and your go to hub for all thing avalanche safety. Check out the video and find additional information HERE:

“Welcome to the launch of the new Know Before You Go avalanche awareness presentation! The KBYG program provides free avalanche awareness to anybody who lives or recreates in snow-covered mountains. The program introduces individuals to avalanches, avalanche dangers, and obvious signs of danger through the use of photos and videos in an interactive presentation. The KBYG program accomplishes its goals by introducing attendees to avalanches and then providing them with 4 simple points that help guide their awareness journey and help to motive them to learn more; Get the Forecast, Get the Gear, Get the Training, and Get the Picture.”

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